FCKeditor Ajax File Manager

FCKeditor Ajax File/Image Manager

FCKeditor File/Image Manager Plugin?

Have you been looking for an advanced Ajax File/Image Manager Plugin for your FCKeditor, stop here, Our Ajax File/Image Manager will fulfill your needs.



  1. Multiple Javascript Editors supported, such as FCKeditor, Tinymce. (more will be added)
  2. fully employ AJAX & PHP to function file management
  3. faster to load and avoid reloading the whole window.
  4. a Build-In Advanced Image Editor
  5. Multi-language supported (utf-8)
  6. access control supported
  7. fully customizable, create your own theme
  8. Text Editable
  9. Media Previewable(Movies, Musics)


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Browser Compatibility

  • IE6+, IE7
  • Firefox2.x
  • tell us if this file manager works in your browser.

Term And Conditions

Our Ajax File Manager  is distributed under the GPL  and   MPL open source licenses, so you could use it or integrate it into your system at no cost

We may  revise the license by updating this page at any time. By using our file manager, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit our site to determine the current terms/License to which you are bound.

All copyright declarations  in the source must remain unchange. Please contact us if you need to make changes to it, in order to avoid any Legal Issues.

Simple follow this steps to get your ajax file manager plugin work with lastest fckeditor Editor

  1.    create a folder for your website, e.g. C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/ajaxfilemanager/
  2.    download the lastest fckeditor file and unzip it , now you should have one folder - fckeditor
  3.    then copy the whole folder of fckeditor , to C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/ajaxfilemanager/
  4.    download the lastest ajax file manager file and unzip it, you should see *_test.php, ajaxfilemanager and uploaded folder
  5.    move the ajaxfilemanager folder to C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/ajaxfilemanager/fckeditor/editor/plugins
  6.    move the fckeditor_test.php to C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/ajaxfilemanager/
  7.    move the uploaded folder to C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/ajaxfilemanager/
  8.    make sure you have read and write permissions to folders of uploaded and session
  9.    make sure the CONFIG_THEME_MODE is fckeditor in (config.base.php)
  10.    change FCKConfig.LinkBrowserURL, FCKConfig.ImageBrowserURL, FCKConfig.FlashBrowserURL to be FCKConfig.PluginsPath +'ajaxfilemanager/ajaxfilemanager.php' in fckeditor/fckonfig.js
  11. change FCKConfig.LinkBrowserWindowWidth, FCKConfig.ImageBrowserWindowWidth, FCKConfig.FlashBrowserWindowWidth to 782
  12. change FCKConfig.LinkBrowserWindowHeight, FCKConfig.ImageBrowserWindowHeight and FCKConfig.FlashBrowserWindowHeight to 440
  13. turn FCKConfig.LinkUpload, FCKConfig.ImageUpload, FCKConfig.FlashUpload to be false in fckeditor/fckonfig.js
  14. you should have the next directory structure ..
          |___ fckeditor
          |___ uploaded
          |___ fckeditor_test.php
  13. now visit the test.php via http://localhost/ajaxfilemanger/fckeditor_test.php

If you have any special requirements and want to place those folder to anywhere else

  1.   please change the location of fckeditor.php (line 24) and $oFCKeditor->BasePath (line 46) in fckeditor_test.php
  2.    change the path of CONFIG_SYS_DEFAULT_PATH AND CONFIG_SYS_ROOT_PATH Which all files will be uploaded to.

If you have security issue concern, you could turn the access control on